Back in 2001, Team Olomouc (o-lo-moats)- a group of several friends from the University of Arkansas- began preparing for mission work in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Most of us became friends while in the Razorbacks for Christ campus ministry at the U of A. Participating in summer mission trips in central and eastern Europe sparked our interests in missions and a survey trip throughout the Czech Republic in the summer of 2001, which was initiated by RFC campus minister Scott Karnes and conducted by Prague missionaries Allen and Laurie Diles and Galen Harrill, showed us the great potential in the Czech Republic and set our mission team formation in motion. For five years we had our eyes on the fall of 2006, and on October 28th of that year we finally made the move to our new Moravian home (Moravia is the eastern half of the Czech Republic).

First we found apartments, then went through a year of Czech language school and began settling into our new home.  In the years since then we’ve been actively involved in service, evangelistic outreach and Christian discipling, and helping begin and support a community of those seeking to believe in, trust, and follow Jesus Christ.

At various stages following the gradual departure of four of the original teammates and their families, Team Olomouc added six additional American teammates and the Slovak wife of one teammate to our group.  Some of those and other original teammates have since departed, but our ministry continues to grow and develop due in large part to the increased service of local Christians. Please pray for us, for our ongoing efforts, and for the city of Olomouc and all of the Czech Republic.

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For those able to read Czech, more information about the Křižovatka Olomouc ministries can be found on our Czech-language site.